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My Chain


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So guys what do you think my chain should be?



Head - Carvin x100b (has a fx loop)




Line 6 POD XTL - I run it through the front of my amp


Boss NS-2 - Where is this best to put? I've heard people say it doesn't work but then people say that's because they aren't putting it in rhe right spot, want to make sure.


MXR 10-Band EQ - I use this for tone shaping


Maxon OD-808 - I use this to boost for leads/solos


Morely Bad Horsie Wah

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Nah i use it for some distortions and stuff too, not delays.


Okay i have it set up right now


Amp > Maxon OD808 > Line 6 Pod XTL > Morely Bad Horsie > Sennheiser Wireless > Guitar


Which is working great.



Now i've got the just the loop to handle


I'm thinking Send > EQ > NS-2 > Return does that sound right?

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