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OT: Round Three Aramat Raffle Fundraiser.

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***UPDATE***WE HAVE A WINNER! some guy named Krespanis won. I will email Autopilot the exact email so he can get in touch with him about shipping him his very cool pedal. I want to thank Autopilot again fro being so gracious and offering up this pedal.




I WILL BE PULLED ON FRIDAY JULY 25th. Some of you may already know that Keith has been battling cancer for a while now. He has always been a fantastic member of the community here and a well-respected member of the boutique pedal community. His circuits flat-out rock. Well, he needs our help. In order to offset some of the costly medical expenses he is incurring, we are raffling off a Copilot FX Mantis 2 pedal graciously donated by Adam at Copilot FX.


Raffle tickets will be $10 dollars a piece with a cap of 20 total tickets sold. You can paypal me your raffle ticket purchase to colorsoundkid@gmail.com We've already raised approximately $1,000 bucks for Keith, let's keep the money coming in.


Here is the lowdown on the Mantis pedal:


The MANTIS 2 is an octave down fuzz, offering some glitch type of tones, intermodulating octave sounds, almost synthbass, also a synthy octave up swell can be achieved with the right settings. There are lots of knobs to control the output signal. Vol offers a wide range of output so you wont have to fear to cut through in a band setting (is loud so be careful with this knob), the tune control the intensity of the incoming signal giving you from krackling to self oscillating fuzz tones. Intermod controls the intermodulation/arpegation of the octave signal with the fuzz signal, Down knob controls the voice of the octave down and Balance blends the octave signal with the fuzz signal. There

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