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Tight bass box of rock?

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Anyone know of a similar sounding pedal to box of rock but with a tighter bass?

One good for a little chugin?

Know the loose bass is big part of the bor's sound,

but sold mine cause the looseness wasn't working for the band.


Now I regret it cause every other pedal sounds like cackola.

Although this is my first post please dont suggest any boss etc.


I'm currently using a metal muff, I just need a bit more magic.

The best of the recent ones I've had are plextortion, zim, box of metal, blackstar dual, keeley rat but still no joy.

if I could have a combo of metal muff and bor in one pedal I'd be laughin...

any suggestions?


I play les paul, warpig, whatever amps going, from a tiny vox to a selmer monster, (none have decent gain) also use my pedals for di recordings at home.



BOR with tight bottom anyone???

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Thanks for the replies

Had the same problem at lower volumes, even using headphones and speaker emulation, tried different pickups and different guitars.

Might have been a dud bor? I'll try and get hold of another, see if have same problem.

Any suggestions on a similar pedal but with more gain and more of a focused sound.

I dont like the marshall jcm800/900 sound but really like the bor jtm45 sound, maybe running a bor with some kinda tube screamer?

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What amp are you using? That's the problem.

BoR + Open-back combo or cab = Flabby Bass

Read about the BoR on the zvex website and you'll see how it's supposed to be used. You're not going to get tight bottom from it listening to it through headphones.

You should really be looking at investing in a MI Audio Tube Zone. Tight bass response even with open-back cabs/combos. You can get nice thick OD all the way to Recto type sounds while still maintaining a nice, tight bottom end.

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