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  1. I wonder what will be this noob's next question be?
  2. They still have a few pedals here in Singapore... Il have to check it out later.
  3. Zoom G2's modulation is not that bad... I've used it for gigs before I stay away from the 'heavy' dirt sounds though... it has this inherent digital suckness to it. I had great sounds with the OD 'low gain' sound as far as I remember
  4. Old thread but thanks a lot especially to delayed_delay / dkerwood for the long write up (yeah, I'm the sole lead guitarist in our church) Up until this moment, I only have Echobox, RV3 and DE-7... is BBE Two Timer good? There's a local here selling a DL-4... I read about reliability issues with this pedal... If I already have tap tempo delay pedal, do you guys still in need to use other non tap tempo delay effects in your board? why do all of your posts show up in blue with some non-standard font? It's so indie. I dunno man... it's just me. All the forum I visit is always like this. It just doesn't feel right if I use a different color and Font style.
  5. This picture is now saved in my hard drive for LOLS...
  6. Action shot from this past Sunday. The band wore scrubs as part of a new series we're doing. Also got to show up my new, almost bald head. You look serious.
  7. Hi all! i was wondering what you guys thought would be a good cheapish (under $100) dirt for praise and worship music. Right now i am using a Bad Monkey, but at times i need a little more gain, and other times it just sounds too shrill, so what say you? Check out the Danelectro Cool Cat Drive
  8. I love my big box Worm!Phase is fantastic... I also use it as a filter! Small Clone for me is the best chorus in the market....
  9. Bumping this one since I've gotten really interested in ProSteels lately. Anyone else have any experience with them? I buy at least 3 packs of these when I go to a guitar store... I think I will be using this for a long time.
  10. i guess at least he isnt caught up in the boutique-y {censored} like the rest of us. Truth. Props for Echo.
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