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Rocktron Orange Peel Phaser ?


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has anyone got any experience of this pedal?





i just bought one off ebay.. didn't know these even existed! only 2 reviews on HC but it got 10's for sound.. it sounds like its analog, capable of standard phasing and maybe even some through-zero phasing. or at least some very extreme sounds with the resonance knob up.


also.. the Rocktron blurb says:

"The FX Control manipulates the effected signal only, the direct signal remains untouched to provide the ultimate mixture of classic phase and perfect tone".


excellent! i've been wanting a dry/wet blend type knob installed on all my modulation pedals recently to get more subtlety out of fx rather than have them envelope the whole guitar sound like with a small stone or phase 90.


can't wait. :)

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no love for a rare, discontinued, analog phaser that can self-oscillate?

bah! you guys suck.




Nah, it;s just that Rocktron's pedal doesn't look good... too big and the jacks are {censored}ty as well. I had the Rocktron Metal Planet before and I really tried to love it but, it just plain sucks.

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