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Digitech JamMan Stereo Split Outputs Possible?

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Have a question here... srs on topic.


Is it possible to have saved sound fx and other nonsense play out of my JamMan direct to the PA and not through the guitar cab, while still having guitar loops sent to the cab and not the PA?


Here is a picture of the back:




What do you think? Anyone done it?

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Clever girl!

i got it subs.

also, this is srs. im glad you found a solution. now only to find a solution to your 'other' problem

the jamman stereo looks tits, you like it?


Yeah its dope. I'm sure I don't use it to its full potential, but it records a verse and then plays it back so I can play a solo over it. :thu:

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I use mine a little differently. I mic the amp and run that to the xlr. That way I don't have it in the loop with my pedals. That way I can record say a clean loop and then over dub a dirty loop. I can have that control over all my pedal effects and loop them when I want to. Not sure if I explained that very well.

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