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NMPD: Danelecbro Beard Face

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New modded pedal day!


I had this Danelectro Daddy O stock for awhile, it really just sucked. Conveniently enough, my uncle (who taught me how to play) is the guitar tech at my local guitarcenter. Because my uncle is so awesome, he has recently started offering pedalboard wiring and pedal modifications, and will often take crappy used pedals and mod them for fun, and sell them back at the same price. It's awesome.


So I took my Daddy O into him, and told him to make it a nice transparent overdrive/distortion. He came back the next day with this:






He gave it germanium diodes that result in asymmetrical clipping. It's basically an SD-1 with a three band EQ and a ton of gain. It's awesome. And this mod was done completely locally and cost me $20. With the epic paint job, I think it was money well spent.


Here's a clip:



(uploaded straight from GarageBand for iPad to YouTube, hence the picture)

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