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more EQD. Speaker Cranker

Cliff Fiscal

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Picked this up through the HELLO MUSIC site.


Overview: Wowza!


Single knob = perfect.


At it's lowest settings, it just adds a touch of grit without changing the tone.

Around noon on the knob, it still hasn't really boosted the volume, but the "grit" gains gain.

Beyond noon, the pedal boosts the volume and dirt. Around 2pm it starts to get fatter.....just like a tube amp would.


I tried it as a grit adder, and as a booster.


With a clean channel, it truly retains the character of whatever amp you're using.......but just adds some hair.


With an already dirty amp, it pushes all of the right frequencies.

Just makes your amp dirtier.


With extreme settings, it can act as a fattener.....not so much mushy, but thick and ballsy.


Great pedal, that probably doesn't get much love.:thu:

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