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Moogerfooger Ring Mod or Fairfield Randy's Revenge?


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Both seem like great ring mods they both do what i want to do. Both go for about the same in the used market. I have 2 fairfield barbershops and i love their build quality and products... never have had a moog pedal (other than the exp pedal) but its a moog.. The moog has some more options but i love what i hear in the randy's revenge video a little more. Just sounds great


So what do you guise think?


Some of my favorite demos of each:





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use a lot of ring mod do ya?



This. It's all about how much you're going to use it.


The Moog is fine and dandy if you want to be mr prog-tronica wanker no #35634 and want to do a bunch of crazy {censored} with loads of CV gear (and don't lie and say you will then don't the only loser in that battle is you). But if that's what you need then get it.


Alternatively the Fairfield is a lot simpler and sounds pretty nice n all too and you said you prefer that so... it's your move.


Either way you're spending a bunch of money on an expensive pedal that's a ring modulator. Do it if it's the right choice Mr Sir.

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290 vs 300 CAD (~307.25)


Power Options:

Both require adapter, no battery option



Moog = boat anchor, RR is smaller but not small



moog = yuck (signal goes thru buffer + drive), RR = TB


Circuit control:

Moog = tons of options, RR = a lot less options than the moog



IMHO when Moog makes stuff, it tends to either be hands down the best sound quality, or at least in the top tier. They also offer almost every circuit control and CV option you could ever want. The problem is everything else, price, size, build quality, power options.


When comparing to the RR, the only thing I personal feel the RR takes the cake on is that it is more 'musical' with a guitar than the moog, or any other Ring Mod. It really does a nice job with that, from the demos (I have never played one). I have used the moog. That doesn't mean you can't get that with the moog but it may take more fiddlin'. Circuit control, cv options, price, all go to the moog. RR having True bypass and size are worth noting too!


And if you want to sound exactly like the Dr. Who Cybermen or Daleks you will want the moog.


Like all of these kinds of comparisons, it usually depends on 'what you are looking for' as they each have pros and cons, but IMHO the RR is just waaaaay too expensive to consider over the moog in any way shape or form. The moog just offers a ton more for $20-30 less. For what the RR offers it honestly should be half the price, IMHO.

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Thanks for all of the suggestions guys! Sorry i didn't get a chance to reply.. Had to drive 4 hours to see jack white last night and didnt really have a chance to respond. But yeah.. the Moog seems like the most versatile but i don't see my self using a ring mod very much to begin with. The extra features are cool on the moog but i dont know if i would ever use them. At least not in the immediate future. I think the RR seems like a slightly better bet for me right now until i see how much i use it/like having a ring mod. If i get one used i can always flip it and get a moog used.


Who knows though my mind could change tomorrow though haha

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