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NPD: 'Natural permeable original sounds & very full principal tone'


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that's what it says on the box. modelled on a Mesa Boogie MK II. never heard one/who cares idn_smilie.gif

i was looking to replace a Dano Drive v1 as a big open drive with some low end even at low gain settings. and it does that just perfectly!

oh yeah, it's one of these cheap Joyo's:


..my first Joyo, but the EQ is excellent. the gain structure is really nice on low gain settings. i find myself keeping the voice control nearly all the way down for 'transparent' ( cop.gif ) open, jangly stuff. it adds gain and low-mids as you turn it up, so unless i want a high-gain distortion that knob will stay near-zero.

so with the voice knob turned down, the gain knob covers clean-boost up to mild overdrive ( around 3/4's ), and that last 1/4 turn up to decently distorted.

i tried it with my Squier VMJM, Mascis JM and Jagmaster with WRHP's. the humbuckers sounded better with the higher gain stuff. with the Jazzmasters going from bypassed to pedal-on, the low gain sounds were easily matched with the bypass signal, making it really simple to just add a light touch of overdrive to the sound without adding any excessive tonal re-shaping.

so i'm using it as a low gain overdrive for a lovely transparent jangly overdrive with a bit more bass to add some spank.

the bad points?:
- the knobs are too close to the switch which is already starting to get on my nerves.
- how long will it last?
- the volume knob is at unity about 1/4.
- it would be really nice to have a 2nd switch so it can be used as a 2-channel pedal.

but for

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