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So this finally came in today after being delayed due to the hurricane.

Anyway, it's far nicer then I expected it to be. First off, the neck seems to be finished in nitro - and I say this because maybe it didn't leave the store I bought it at this way (or maybe it did) but it has gotten really cold and it's all checked.

Second, the neck is beautiful. The shape is a tiny bit thinner then a 60s Fender neck. It really reminds me of the Fullerton reissue (83 maybe?) Strat that I played back in the mid-90s. Plus it's got a crazy amount of flame on it for the money I paid.

I have heard a couple stories about these. One is that Tom Anderson designed them which EE and TA himself have confirmed in a few articles I have read. The other thing I have heard is that TA Guitar Works built the necks (and some say bodies) for some of these (not confirmed 100%) and some say Tom oversaw production of all USA made Kramer guitars at this time (there were very few Kramer models actually made in the USA - the EE being one of them).

While never a Kramer fan, I really like this one because it was under $400 and it's kind of cool in that it has the Anderson headstock and kind of looks like one, plus it sounds really good.

Anyway, I have played a lot of Kramer guitars over the years but never saw an off the rack one like this. I got the original case as well, which is a bonus. Now I need to figure out the Floyd Rose.

For the money this guitar is pretty awesome.






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