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Korg Volca Crosstalk


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Hi Guys,


I have all three of the Volcas, sync'd with the sync cables, 

Midi'd with DAW (Live, PT, Logic, etc), audio patched into a patch bay.

I was having bad crosstalk.

When I played one, the audio could be heard on the channel of another.

Long story short, I did trouble-shooting for days, with every possible re-patching, bypass patchbay, change cables, etc.

Finally tracked it down to the sync cables factory supplied.

For me, when all three are connected via sync, 

There is bad crosstalk.

Don't know if this is a known issue, or if it's just my set.



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cresshead wrote:



maybe they're unshielded cable..try some others.




I  only have the volca Bass right now so i cannot test for you!


Thanks cresshead, That's a good idea.



The sync are ring tip sleeve, 1/8 inch.

Will take me a second to track down/order some high end ones, but will do and get back.

These are the cables that shipped with the unit, so I imagine this should have been factory tested.

It also might be the combo between my audio and sync cables.

I just hope it's nothing internal.

Man I love these boxes!

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