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Here I sit in my chair

Knowing there's no escaping you.

I'm in despair

Just because I made a mistake of wanting you.


I sit here

My head pounding hard

Who knows

What sits in the cards?


But I'm trapped

Trapped I say

I have to see you everyday

For another year

Though I don't show it, my heart is full of tears.



There is no escape

There is no way

Until you leave



I'm trapped

Because you thought I was onto you

I was

Not in the way you thought.

There was a different way I sought.


If your life is taken

Just to let you know

You died knowing I was mistaken

But I'm trapped


You're that kind of girl

The cruelest in the world

Who doesn't have a heart

Who likes to tear gentlemen apart






That's how I feel

But my fate is sealed

You hate me

That's all I have to say

Maybe you'll go away someday






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I know that you've been referred numerous times to the sticky titled "Want More Opinions On Your Posts?" Allow me to direct your attention to "rule #1," so to speak:

1) Do unto others--Call it the Golden Rule or the Common Courtesy of the Reacharound, but nobody is here for their health. It is not a privilage to listen to your music; it is generally hard work. Expect to get what you give--anything extra is gravy and grace.

It's like the Beatles said: the love you take is equal to the love you make - love, in this case, being criticism :lol:.

Another couple suggestions... bring in something new for criticism. You've rewritten basically the same song, what, a dozen times now? At least try changing the target of the song from HER to US. In other words, less "you," more "she."

And I'm sure you'll disregard this, but... even if it's just a two-chord vamp, some sort of musical setting will make this infinitely more interesting for us, and we'll be that much more inclined to comment/critique. :thu:

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