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Favorite lyrics?


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What are your favorite song lyrics? I really like Fade by Rose Rossi. It's so well written, and it really hits me. It helps that she has such a cool and unique style.



[Why... just about everybody seems to be talking about Rose Rossi!! But they're all saying about the same thing. Funny about that. See my post below about why this thread is locked. -- The Moderator]






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Just Lyric?

Probably either something by Paul Simon - America

or something by Bob Dylan - Highway 61 Revisited.

Maybe something by Joni Mitchell - Blue or River.





I'll go with

Bob Dylan - "Tangled Up In Blue"

Joni Mitchell - "Coyote"


And for Valentine's Day, I'll throw in

John Lennon - "Love"

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Why... just about everyone is talking about this Rose Rossi singer!


To wit:


Hey guys I was on myspace the other day and discovered this really talented girl name Rose Rossi. Anyone heard of her?? Well I checked out her myspace and fell for the song "hello to you"





im listening to Rose Rossi a lot these days. shes new to the music scene and she is amzing! i love her song "hello to you", it is beautiful!

she is being featured on penseyeview.com today...check her out!




I was on myspace the other day and discovered some pretty cool music. Her name is Rose Rossi and I think she's worth checking out. There are a couple of tracks on her myspace. If you like Tori or Fiona, I think you'll dig her too.





Hey have you heard of a girl named Rose Rossi? I was on myspace the other day, and I thought her music sounds great! Anyone know anymore info on her?




Rose Rossi is amazing! I love her music!




has anyone heard of rose rossi? im really loving her music. she kinda sound like fiona apple and gwen stefani. check her out, shes on penseyeview.com today!




has anyone heard of rose rossi? gotta check her out...she is amazing! you will love her...myspace.com/roserossi




Has anyone ever heard of Rose Rossi before? I discovered her music on myspace and I really like it a lot. My favorite song is "Hello to You." She sounds like Gwen Stefani mixed with some Tori Amos. Give her a listen at




HEy! I am new to this forum and I wanted everyone to know that I think Rose Rossi's music is amazing. Give her a listen and you'll see what I am talking about.




And that's just the FIRST google page! (Give or take.)


Is that PATHETIC -- or what?!?


Is Rose Rossi the next Marrissa Marchant?


This thread is locked.

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