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Int'l Songwriting Competition


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Send me 30 bucks per song and I can almost guarantee you a winning slot in the blue2blue Mega-Universal Songwriting, Comedy, Spoken Word, and Sound Effect Contest...



Which is my snarky way of saying that I don't pay money to these things.


Don't get me wrong, it would be very, very difficult to have a large songwriting contest that didn't have an entry fee... you have to weed out those who simply are goofing around and, of course, it takes time and effort -- and much-in-demand brain cells -- in order to do a proper job of sorting through all the entries (and we know all these contests listen to everything, right? Sure they do. All the way through. Some twice. Uh huh. ;) ).


I used to say that I never knew anyone who had won in a 'national' or 'international' songwriting contest but I recently saw that one of my old pals, bluesman Jeff Turmes, had won something... [checks website] ... Oh... too much... He won something called the 2006 International Songwriting Competition (Blues) ... :D



But -- while the honorific is in his site's meta-tag description (which is what shows up in the returns from a Google Search) I do note that there's no actual mention of it on the website's pages. That said, Jeff has had songs performed by a bunch of big blues names (and has backed up plenty of them on stand up bass, saxes, and guitar), so maybe he's kind of moving past the stage where those kind of honors take precedent over a gig list that (for so many of us -- but definitely not Jeff) reads like a local directory of coffee houses, pizza parlors, and dive bars. ;)


I think last time this came up I promised to try to contact him and see if he had any thoughts on winning. Maybe I'll see if I can't follow through this time...

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