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Why nobody has heard of and/or can't find Songbird guitars


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I myself have been wondering for a long time who, what, and where my songbird acoustic came from and apparently a lot of other people are too. I just found out the answer myself from an old man who runs a music shop in my hometown. He's more than qualified to answer any question you have about anything regarding instruments or the music business in general. The reason nobody has heard of Songbird guitars is because Songbird isn't a "real" guitar company. The parent company of Songbird guitars is some company that sells cranberries actually, one of the sons in the business (cause it's a family-owned business) is crazy about guitars so he started importing guitars from Korea and printing the Songbird logo onto them.


If you don't believe me, look up Cole's Music in Marshfield, Wisconsin and give the guy a call from the hours of 10 AM to 3 PM on a weekday. He could answer pretty much any question you have about the music business or instruments, and he likes having someone to talk to.

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