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Single Locking vs. Double Locking Tremolos

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single locking = probably worthless. you could probably use it for slight trem use, but anything close to real Floyd action and it would be out of tune like any non-locking trem.


dual locking = the shiz! i love the floyd and wouldnt want to use anything else, personall :thu: stays in tune like nobodies business, and you can do whatever crazy whammy stuff you want to!

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"Single locking"?


Could you give me an example of such a system?


I know that saddles exist for tradition Strat type systems that have set-screws in each saddle to lock the string, but I'm having a hard time thinking of another single locking system.


Unless, maybe you're talking about using a locking nut, with a non-locking termolo bridge. Or, maybe you're talking about locking turning machines, with a non- locking trem bridge.


Maybe I'm just over-tired, and can't think of the obvious.

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Originally posted by Judge Groovyman

"Single Locking" is Floyd and No Locking Nut.


Or the old Floyd Rose II system that still used the ball ends at the saddle and had no saddle string clamps.

Some of the cheap licensed versions are still like this.

They don't work.

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