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I got a DI from the local internet site

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  • I got a DI from the local internet site

    You can see it here

    I plug my boss pedals through it and this is the sound I get. I use a super overdrive a newer pedal called Adaptive distortion. I have noise suppressor as well and a delay. I like the sound I get but can I get a better sound than this?

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    That direct box is going to take care of the impedance mismatch you get when plugging a high impedance source (like a guitar) into a low impedance line input, but it lacks any kind of speaker compensation / simulation, so the high end of your guitar is going to sound a bit "off" - and IMO, your recording reflects that - it's a bit too hot in the high frequencies.

    Yes, I think you can get a better sound overall by using a device that does both the impedance matching as well as speaker simulation.

    Just one possibility - there are lots of products that will do what you need on the market...


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