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  • Web Site -- Whadya wanna know?

    My internet service provider recently dropped web space from its offerings and all my web sites and other junk has blipped into oblivion. They live on, but need to be put back up somewhere else.

    So I'm taking advantage of a dumb situation and re-designing my musician website. Here's a sketch of the home page.

    Now, pretending that you were considering hiring me or coming to a gig, what do you want to know? And how should I tell you?

    Just thought this was a good time in the process to ask these questions. thanks
    There is more than one way to do this. Notes Norton

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    Doug, this may seem a bit daft, but I would want to know if I had to provide the piano in order to hire you.
    Cheers Steve
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    Cheers Steve


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    As an FYI, I have had a website for years and probably have gotten zero gigs as a result of it. If prospective clients have ever used the web to hire me, it's been through facebook and via youtube video.


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      I'd wanna know what you sound and look like when performing = video
      I'd like to see some reviews or at least a list of some of the places you've performed at.
      A calendar of future events always looks good unless you don't have any gigs coming up!

      One problem is getting people to your website. I've been sending prospects to my website to see a demo video which includes highlights of a few songs and shows that I can talk on the mic a little. They'll also see a song list and venues I've been working at.

      What would be ideal is a video with a good size audience included with everyone having fun! You pretty much have have your own videographer come to all your gigs to get that kind of footage. But you can even get footage with an ipad sometimes.



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        I've taken a little bit of everybody's advice. The videos will have to wait until I have appropriate video and I only have one photo of me performing. There is a list of example songs that play when clicked. Meanwhile:
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        There is more than one way to do this. Notes Norton