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Has Anyone Seen Rasputin Around Here?

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  • Has Anyone Seen Rasputin Around Here?

    I may have missed something since I don't get to spend as much time around here, but I haven't seen any posts in awhile...did I miss a post about him? Is he okay?
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    Not around here, but he still posts very regularly to his FB. Send him a friend request if you like - many of us here are FB friends. I'll send you a PM with a link to his FB page if you don't already have that.

    And yeah, he's fine - he's had a list of health challenges for a long time, but he seems to be dealing with them.

    nat whilk ii
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      Yeah, he`s on FB almost everyday. Craig, I don`t see you on there much. Then again, you`re not around here much either…

      nat whilk, are we friends on FB? hard to know who's behind the avatars….


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        He posts a lot about perfume and astrology on FB
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          I see him on FB a lot. The guy is a genius. He's a bit odd in my experience, in that he actually has good taste in orchestrations too. He'd make a really good producer.

          He's got quite a lot of visual arts talent too. He's not a nerd. He's an artist.
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          He has escaped! Youtube , ​Murika , France