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(Martin) Sigma DM-18AC

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  • (Martin) Sigma DM-18AC

    Anyone have information on this Sigma I bought? Think I made a real find here. Did a search and came up blank.

    It's a made in Korea solid top cutaway, model DM-18AC. It's healthy and in mint condition. The construction and finish are absolutely flawless!

    Sorry, too late tonight to get a decent photo with my little camera.
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    Hi, came across your post while searching google for the model number. I bought a guitar with a similar model number yesterday (second-hand). It is a black cutaway guitar, Sigma Guitars Model DM-18A, also Made in Korea.

    The seller told me it is about 14 years hold, but was hardly played. It guitar looks very new. I am attaching some pictures. Does yours looks similar? IMG\_0582.JPGIMG\_0584.JPGIMG\_0586.JPGIMG\_0587.JPGIMG\_0582.JPG

    I am an absolute newbie, this is my first guitar ever! Hope it will last me a long time!


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      First, welcome to the Forum. Second, Happy New Guitar Day. Third, not to rain on your parade but a 14-year-old guitar that hasn't been played can still have issues, primarily the neck angle and bridge. These are structural issues that have to do with string tension over long periods of time (and 14 years is a long period of time for a guitar). Lay a ruler along the fingerboard between the middle (3rd and 4h) strings and see where it hits the bridge. It should hit the very top of the bridge. Look at the top edge-on and see if the area under the bridge is flat. If the bridge is sitting level vs. at an angle and the ruler test on the fingerboard checks out, your guitar is in generally good condition.