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I bought an Eastman...

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  • I bought an Eastman...

    I've been doing my research and was lucky enough to find an Eastman distributor in my state of Queensland, Australia. I say lucky as one guitar is never the same as the next, and so much more profound when dealing with acoustics (coming from playing electrics). Truth be told, I was a bit ignorant to this and was considering ordering online... I'm glad I didn't. 

    It was 100km's to the shop and was intent on buying the E10D, they had two of them there. I played both and one was better than the other by a country mile. I then decided to play the other models they had and every other guitar in a similar price range. I ended up picking up an AC320 and upon walking by without knowing which one I was playing, the salesman remarked, "That's the one". He was right, it was not only the best sounding, but the best playing one too. Had the thickest neck, which is a bonus for me and my big mitts. So, coming from electric to acoustic I only had to shell out $700 with a case included and was prepared to spend more but didn't have to. 

    Truth be told, I don't think I can ever buy online again, even for electrics, so much variation and so much more so with acoustics. 

    It has a lot of body and definition and the E10D's sounded thin in comparison. It is very resonant and sustains really well, to a fault as if I had to be critical, notes may carry on a bit much when hammering cowboy chords (great for single notes in saying that). Regardless, one happy camper here as I venture into the acoustic world, pictures...

    Solid Sapale back and sides
    Solid Sitka spruce top
    Ebony board
    1.75 nut
    25.5 scale



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    Absolutely beautiful! Congrats! I hear nothing but great things about Eastman. Hope you enjoy it!


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      Congratulations and good cal!l  Eastmans are the real deal.  

      I can't imagine buying online.  If I was willing to do a lot of shipping maybe, but otherwise...