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    When I was packing to move I found several sets of light gauge strings that had probably been stored for    about 10-12 years still in the box.  I was wondering if strings have a SHELF life when not placed on a guitar.  Never heard that brought up as a topic and was really curious.


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    Ive come across really old sets that were fine and some that were not. If theres very little or no corrosion theyed be worth a try.


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      It'll be the unwound strings that go bad.  Or maybe it's that they all corrode, but that you can't feel it so much on the wound strings.  I got some old ernie balls in a swap and they sounded just like new strings, but I immediately wanted to replace the B & E.  That's been my only experience w/ old strings tho'.   


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        The only thing that could hurt them is corrosion, and that would probably show. If they look okay, they are probably okay.


        It's not going to hurt anything to try them.

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