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    My purchase from Jackajesusfreak arrived a few days early and was waiting for me at work.


    The guitar sounded better than I thought it would, I would say it is equal to in quality a Taylor 110 or Martin DM, I think they compete sonically as well. It definitely has more bass and a better sound than my 110. The playablity is also as nice.

    It put my Yamaha 750 and my friends 730 to shame,

    He was shocked when i told them i paid under $300 for the guitar.


    Now of course i want to go out and play more Eastmans!!!!photo.JPG

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    Congrats!  Eastmans get good reviews from all I've read.  I'd like to get in a room full of them and test drive a few.

    Новые лидеры свободного мира...
    Ангела Меркель, Эммануэль Макрон и Тереза Мэй.


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      Congratulations. Happy New Guitar Day. Play it in good health.