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Fake Martin or Real Martin?


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  • Fake Martin or Real Martin?

    I recently found a quite clean Martin D-18V. I found that model number on the neck plate. It has a paper tag in the body as well that reads "Martin D-18 Vintage 1999" the serial number shows it was made in 2000 as far as martin's records show. But after scouring the internet for more info it has me suspecting its a fake. Its a completely solid mahogany body, front, back and sides. I have pictures i took myself, but i can't for the life of me find anything on the internet. I can post some pictures if needed, i know they always make things much easier. It plays lovely so that contradicts my beliefs that its fake. Any info would be helpful. Thanks

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    • Opa John
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      I don't know of any D-18 Martins that were all mahogany. How 'bout a picture of the guitar itself, showing the front, back & sides.

      Better still......give Martin's customer service a call tomorrow sometime between 8 am and 5 pm, eastern time. Toll free number........(888) 433-9177. They'll be able to answer all of your questions.

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    Phoney as a three-dollar bill.

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    • larry50
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      Martin, I believe, never prints the serial number on the inside paper label.  It is always woodburned into the neck block inside the guitar.  A paper label can easily be forged.

      In addition, I've never seen/heard of a Martin with a mahogany top outside the 15 or 17 series instruments.

      Without seeing pics, it seems fake to me. 

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    Not a D18. Not even close to a Martin. Wrong in too many ways to tell.
    Peghead shape, tuners, rosette,, woods,label ... just to name a few.