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  • harmonic squealies

    Hey guys! Any help for a newbie taking his first steps into pinch harmonics? I know I won't sound like Zakk Wylde for awhile, but any help would be greatly appreciated!

    I've heard that higher gain will help, is that true? Are there good pedals for this?

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    I assume you're trolling, in which case, well done.  Go tell all your friends about your internet victory.  She'll be impressed.  You might even get a later bedtime out of it.  


    If you're not trolling, then I'll state the obvious--the acoustic guitar forum is a stupid place to ask this question.   Go to the main menu, and literally any other sub forum under guitar would be better suited to helping you.

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    Originally Posted by gennation

    Neither of us is gay or anything, it just happened.


    • Neal
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      I didn't get the trolling aspect of the post ChickenMonkey, I think he's just in the wrong forum.  Electric guys know more about this than us simple acoustic players.  We can barely reach the strings as it is.

    • GuitarBattler
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      Definitely not trolling, just used to posting in this forum. Sorry about that!

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    A burnt Les Paul with bottle caps nailed to it seems to cause them as well.


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      I can do em on acoustic, not prob. But I don't.