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  • Gibson J-35 review...

    Hey guys, I recently finished doing a review of the Gibson J-35, and I thought some of you might be interested in checking it out.


    It's a really cool guitar - very impressive value on the bang for the bucks scale.



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    Thanks Phil,

    I'm on the hunt for a sitka/mahogany keeper and the J-35 is on my radar for a test drive.

    (among a 1/2 dozen others)

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      Nice guitar. Bang for bucks? Not IMHO.


      I always thought a great "bang for your buck" VINTAGE acoustic were those 60's jumbo Harmony Sovereigns:


      Such as this one


      You can probably buy 4 of them on Ebay for the cost of a single new Gibson acoustic.

      50 years old vintage acoustics. Solid Honduran mahogany back and sides, Solid red spruce top. Solid one piece mahogany neck. Brazilian rosewood fingerboard and bridge. Hide glue construction. Spirit varnish shellac finish. Made in USA The same guitar Jimmy Page played the intro to Stairway to Heaven on. No depreciation hit. And since a lot of the components that make them are obsolete sure to appreciate in value. Not to derail your thread. Carry on: