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daisy rock vs. luna guitars


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  • daisy rock vs. luna guitars

    I've been trying to dig up some comparisons between Daisy Rock and Luna guitars. Specifically the weight of the guitar and then the width of the fretboard as well as the thickness of the neck. And yeah, quality & price and all that other stuff.

    I'm trying to help my niece pick out a guitar that will be comfortable for her smaller hands, and won't be too heavy hanging on her shoulder.

    Does anyone have experience with both these brands? The models we're lookin at on the web are: Luna NEO or Mini ... Daisy Rock Rebel or Retro H-Deluxe.

    I'm open to other guitar suggestions as well ... Dano? Is the Melody Maker light & slender? An old Silvertone? Price-wise I'm trying to stay around $300, but who knows.

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    Not to be a nudge ... just wondering if anyone had info +/or recommendations in regards to an electric guitar for a young gal.


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      Nobody is answering you. I found reading the reviews on HC for the Daisy Rock guitars illuminating. So many people did a double take once they tried to play them. I actually considered one for myself, but the neck was a bit narrow for my adult male hands.

      When I was looking to buy a guitar, the advice I got was, no matter what reviews and other theoretical stuff you read, to simply go and play them. More tricky than it sounded as there was a bit of "how can I judge a guitar until I know more about them, and how can I learn more about them until I buy", but it worked out in the end. I hope. Certainly, things such as weight and physical size will be more obvious in person.
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        Doesn't seem to be much experience with Luna guitars here. A couple of the models look pretty cool, though. Several of the Luna models have 25.5 inch scale length, while most Daisy Rocks go with 24.75, I think.

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          She's about 5' 4" and her hands are small, at the moment I don't know exactly how big her hands are but when she has been over by the house & has tried playing my '72 Deluxe Tele r.i. she's found it uncomfortable.


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            I don't know about Lunas, but the better Daisy Rocks were very cool. When I (very briefly) worked for GC back in '05, one of the full on metal dudes there (covered in tattoos, long hair, etc) would grab the flower guitar and just rip these sweeps plugged into a Mesa DR. Quite a funny sight!
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              Luna guitars are relatively new, but look darned nice. They're imported, but setup within the Dean guitar shop here in Tampa. Warranty work occurs here too. Dean and Luna, strange bedfellows, huh? I haven't actually played one though.
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                I reviewed a Luna Neo for FrugalGuitarist.com. It was extremely light weight, had a nice neck with a satin finish, perfect fretwork, and sounded pretty good. However, the pots were some of the most ineffective I've ever encountered and worked more like toggle switches.
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                  The Daisy Rock necks are slightly slimmer and a little narrower than other guitars. I can feel that it is smaller, but I can still play them comfortably.

                  I own a Retro-H and a Retro-H 12 string. Both are fine guitars, with really good pickups.

                  I own a Daisy Rock Stardust Elite. It is a FINE guitar.

                  I've never touched or seen a Luna.

                  Retros are commonly discounted to 150 on wwbw.com or m123.com. They usually sell for about 100 on ebay.

                  I still want to buy a couple of DRs higher models, I am just waiting for the right discount.

                  The Melody Maker is lightweight, but has a rather sizable neck. I like it, but I don't think it will suit your purposes.
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                    wellllll ... we'll see what happens when the Luna NEO arrives next week.