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help me find an amp, tube combo class A blah blah


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  • help me find an amp, tube combo class A blah blah

    I want something affordable, possibly modable, class A, preferably single channel all tube amp. I was looking at the epiphone galaxie, those are supposedly extremely great sounding after a bit of modding, but its two channels, and i really like the sovtek mig-30, but i dont really want a head unit.

    looking to spend under 500 bucks for something decent, not super mesa boogie omgz pro quality, just something for some bedroom jamming and recording, good cleans, decent crunch if i want it.
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    You want real Class A? Single-Ended?

    Or faux Class A? Cathode-biased push-pull (a la Vox, Matchless, etc.)?

    Blackheart has really impressed the idea of their amps being modded. It's good starting point.


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      i dont know any amp terminology. i just want something thats crisp and warm, all tube, its for a small acoustic band that i will be sitting in with, and for my own recording purposes.
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        I would ignore the Class A/AB thing, but many of your options will be small single-ended Class A amps anyway.

        Will you be sitting in on electric of acoustic? Clean or dirty?


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          tiny terror? the crush 30?
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            Small amps like that come around.

            Bumbox or something like that makes apparently boss small tube amp. Boutique... for something under 500 for a 1 watt amp. Not bad.
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              Can you wait a couple of weeks? The new Marshall Class 5 might be exactly what you need. $399.


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                tiny terror? the crush 30?

                Tiny terror is tube class.
                Crush 30 is solid state. Perhaps you meant orange rocker 30?
                But that would be probably more than $500.
                Tiny terror could do if you can find a 2nd hand combo.
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                  Originally Posted by Ratae Coritanorum

                  Any help appreciated...I don't wanna go to Amps, as I don't have any condoms

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                    Gibson Goldtone FTW...

                    I have one. I sold everything else that has come into the house in the meantime (5 years)...


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                      i dont know any amp terminology. i just want something thats crisp and warm, all tube, its for a small acoustic band that i will be sitting in with, and for my own recording purposes.

                      Does that mean you want an acoustic amp?


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                        Mods, probably Blackheart or even a Valve Junior.

                        I have a Blackstar HT-5s mini stack which is great, but you can also get the head with speaker as a combo.

                        If you're not gonna to push the overdrive into metal-land, you might check out the Bugera V22 ($350). I thought it sounded great clean, right out of the box, with no break-in. I got a 4x12 Bugera cab yesterday (same speaker) and it's really good. Very well defined and articulate. I can hear alot more texture in what I'm playing. Not sure what Bugera/Behringer is doing in their China factory...a new speaker approach or copies of tried and true, but I am really impressed with the sound of their speakers.


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                          I'd get a Blues Junior for $400 and spend the rest on a great sounding speaker like a Jensen C12N...If you buy the Blues Junior used you might get the whole thing done for a bit over $400.

                          You get 15 watts...more headroom and better cleans than those 5-10 watt single ended one-tube "class A" amps. It also would have a master volume so you could get some overdrive at lower volumes.

                          As for mods...there's a website run by Bill Macrone that has a whole bunch of mods. They make the amp have shimmering cleans that remind be of something like a Matchless. The overdrive sounds are decent after the mods too but maybe not as great as a Deluxe Reverb....but awesome clean sounds.
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                            for used get a Mesa Boogie Subway or wtf-ever they call 'em
                            or a studio .22 ?
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                              Someone's got the Rivera Clubster 25 for sale for $500 (check the deals trend). Seems like a TON of amp for 500. Although it does have 2 channels and reverb.
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