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NAD: How I joined the Blackface Fender club without breaking the bank.


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  • NAD: How I joined the Blackface Fender club without breaking the bank.

    So I can say pretty well that this is NOT a clean amp. Not in terms of tonez. It certainly can be... but it is not the clean machine that the non-reverb Princeton is. It gets pretty crunchy. Not noisy at all, all the pots are good.

    The tremolo needs a footswitch to work yet again, and this one also is not yet converted to a 3 prong grounded cord.

    I believe the amp is a 1964. Anybody want to corroborate that? I thought the baffle might have been made out of pine like the rest of the cabinet but no, it's MDF. Is that typical even in the early blackfaces or do you think the original baffle is not original?

    The speaker does need to be re-coned or replaced. I was thinking about getting a Weber replacement. Is there a particular Weber speaker that people like to put in these amps?

    So yeah, there's my Blackface Fender Deluxe that I bought for $890. Is it a '64 like I think it may be?

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      Happy NAD.That is one sexy amp.

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        Big congrats, great sounding amp. Just make sure to put a three prong on it if it doesn't already have one. I played my buds and when I tried to sing I damn near electocuted myself on the mike.
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          I still don't know how you did it without breaking the bank.
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            That looks to be in great condition. Nice score.


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              If that's the original speaker, send it to Weber and get it reconed. I can't comment on the baffle; I don't know Fender amps past 1960. HNAD! (.)(.)
              Originally Posted by mike moriarty

              Looks like an amp for old people.

              Originally Posted by syscrusher

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              Originally Posted by PerfectTommy

              kudos to Furtive for a clear and well-reasoned discussion. so rare to see something that has been thought through and presented rationally.


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                Great looking amp, and a great deal! I believe the transformers date to 1965.
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                  Get an alnico speaker for it, preferrably an Tone Tubby alnico hempcone.
                  Those amps can get a bit bright, but this speaker will be perfect for it.
                  That is a terrific amp! How you got it without breaking the bank must mean that you had a nice budget to work with.

                  If you want a solid wood baffle for it, contact Larry Rodgers at Rodgers Amplification in Naples, Florida. I don't know anyone that does better work of all kinds on Fender amps then Larry does.

                  Congradulations and enjoy it~
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                    If you open up the chassis look around the inside near the transformers. My '65 Princeton has a date stamp on the transformer.

                    Sorry, the big picture is for easier spying of the date stamp.


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                      So yeah, there's my Blackface Fender Deluxe that I bought for $890. Is it a '64 like I think it may be?

                      This part (OP tranny) date codes to 1965, the week of 1965 it was made is the last digit under the yellow crap. Can't tell what it says, but it starts with a 1 and seems to have two digits. This makes it unlikely to be a 64, and probably a 65. The O/P stamped on the tube chart also suggests a late 1965 date.


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                          Baffle boards were MDF starting in 63, so that is normal and probably original to the amp. Lovely amp, by the way. You did good.


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                            Any suggestions on a speaker and a reverb unit for this amp? :P


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                              Happy New Amp Day!

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