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Another CL crackhead. $2.5k Ibanez copy.


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  • Another CL crackhead. $2.5k Ibanez copy.

    But it's the "real deal"! It's either this or a First Act!


    What is up with this "word count" baloney the past few days? I see wall of text posts here all the time but now when I make a post it gives me a word count and says to reduce it before it'll post.
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    ****************ing People...

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      lol... saw that one the other day.

      I'm pretty sure that I saw that 'Flying' brand on Overstock, Ebay, or Amazon a couple of years ago. As I recall, they were around $100


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        There's one born every minute, and there's sixty minutes to an hour. Even figuring that most people THAT stupid have Darwin'd out by six or seven, you've got a sporting chance of finding someone that numb above the neck eventually.

        And besides, those Ibanez guitars are everywhere; who wouldn't prefer a 'Flying' guitar?
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          First it was the Flying V, now it's a Flying Superstrat?

          And those aren't DiMarzio.
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            Flying was a cheap Chinese brand, back before Chinese guitars got good.
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              I wouldn't give a flying f*ck!, but hey, it is made with tonewood. Those tonewood trees are now endangered, at least judging by the crap that passes for music. Probably should include an auto tuner, since probably couldn't get it in tune by itself....
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