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Gibson SG Special with 3 pickups - need advice please! :)


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  • Gibson SG Special with 3 pickups - need advice please! :)

    Hey guys,

    First time posting here though I've been lurking a while :P

    Need some advice really - I'm wanting to get a Gibson SG and I've tried quite a few out recently (standards, 60s, various customs and reissues) and really love the sound and feel of the Standard but I've been patiently shopping for the right one at the right price.


    I recently came across one on ebay which you can see here:


    Now I haven't tried one with 3 pickups like this and even though I'm fairly confident that I'm going to love it I was just wondering if some more knowledgable people would be willing to offer me some advice - how does it sound? how does the additional pickup affect the guitar overall?


    I'm definitely not an expert at all so sorry if I am not providing enough info but here's what I have:


    Manufactured in Nashvile TN, now discontinued. Has 3 pickups (Alnico 490T Humbuckers), same as top line Les Paul Supreme. Versatile 6 position switch rotary sellector (Bridge, Bridge+Middle, Middle, Middle+Neck, Bridge+Neck, Neck). Comes with fully functional distressed retro fitted 1980's case.


    All original authentic Gibson USA parts

    Body: Mahogany

    Neck Profile: Mahogany SG Rounded with dot inlays

    Peghead Pitch: 17 Degrees

    Fingerboard: Rosewood 24 3/4 Scale & 1.695 Nut

    Bridge: Tune-o-matic

    Knobs: Vintage bell profile

    Machineheads: Gibson Kluson with Ivory Tuners


    Since I'm not going to get to try this before I buy it any advice would be appreciated and since I need to respond quickly the sooner the better please!


    Also any rough guides on price etc. would be great - according to the listing it is BRAND NEW (MINT) and in messages he has described it as in "showcase condition" which I like the sound of


    Thanks in advance,



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    While I have no idea about the price you might want to consider that a middle pickup might get in the way of your picking/strumming.  It would for me... I also find that a middle pickup in a humbucker guitar to be unnecessary but ultimately, its your decision.

    There are plenty of usa sg's used for $600 bills though, brand new faded ones at that price too.

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    You may want to go to a local music store and try one of those (or even a 3 pup LP) out first.  That middle p'up can be troublesome.  Many end up returning those...


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      3 pickups on a Gibson is mostly a just for looks thing. I like the old 3 pickup SG customs myself. Used to own one. The Middle pickup was extremely usable, but I don't really miss not having one now, soundwise.

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    I do not like three pickup humbucker guitars. I do not know many players that do. Try to play one before you buy.
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      I like Three pickup Gibsons.

      The "in between" strat magic is more about where the pickups are hamonically on the strings than the fact that they are single coil.. I've played "Sultans of Swing" on a 3PU LP Custom and the sound was very convincing.