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  • Budget double neck ques

    Anyone know a decent and cheap double neck... bass and guitar? I know Dano made one a while back?

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    define cheap.
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      Joe's Music in Eastpointe MI had an Epi 6/12 double he was blowing out at cost, around $650. That is about as cheap as I have seen one.

      My advice? Two guitars. Double necks are a bitch to sell, and heavy as ****************. Or one guitar and a decent pedal emlation. As much as I like 12's, most times, I just don't think they are worth he hassle. I'd rather have a Nashville tuned, or an octave mandolin.
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        Great advice, but the OP is asking about a guitar/bass doubleneck.
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          Whoops...missed that...In that case, I had actually thought about modding two Steinberger Spirits, used, and making a headless doubleneck.
          http://www.ebay.com/itm/DOUBLE-NECK-GUITAR-KIT-4-STRING-BASS-ELECTRIC-NECK-AND-6-STRING-ELECTRIC-NECK-/290759027274?pt=Guitar&hash=item43b296aa4a#ht_1627 wt_922
          Good deals with - Yarbicus, CBH5150, BozzofAngels, Alvin Wilson, Harris Quinn

          Oh, but you can't expect to wield supreme executive power just because some watery tart threw a sword at you.


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            Galveston bass and guitar combo comes up now and then. Same one sometimes gets sold thru ebay in kit form from time to time. Occassionally the prebuilt nones with case come up on amazon.com to. Vids Ive seen on utube of peeps playing them indicate they are pretty decent at least. Main problem would be getting a case for it if it did not come with.

            Ah I see deanmass posted a link to a kit form, Ive also seen these in the 2x2 and 3x3 headstock version,

            Regarding the steinberger spirit doubleneck. Very heavy thing, bass pups are guitar humbucker size. Good luck finding good replacement pups. I owned one for a little while. Nice sound from guitar side once I replaced the pups. Bass side was ok but not as good as any single neck bass Ive owned.
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              I have a Dano in a 6/bass configuration ATM

              It started as a 12/6. I replaced the 6 with a baritone neck that I currently have strung as a Bass VI. The 12 neck is strung as a normal 6 string.

              The Danelectro baritone was originally sold as a 6 string bass. The thinking was the market would eat them up because they were getting 2 extra strings for free. They didn't catch on until someone strung them with lighter gauge strings and tuned them B to B, ushering in the baritone.

              Neat thing about the new Dano's is they are somewhat like tinker-toys in that you can switch parts around very easily. I went with a baritone neck, but could just as easily put a 4 string Dano bass neck and bridge on it.

              As far as weight, mine weighs in around 11 lbs. - a bit lighter than a Les Paul.


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                Hey Verne,

                Thanks for posting your guitar here. I have been speaking with a local luthier about having an acoustic version of what you have made. He has shared with me the obvious complications of such a project. I don't actaully need an amazing guitar but have a very practical reason for a guitar which has a normal tuned neck and a more barritone kind of tuning. I was thinking of just soldiering on with one of the E/As on the market and putting thick strings on one neck. A crazy idea but one which I am driven to pursue. Just thought I'd share......Any thoughts (other than "you're mad")