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OT: What 5 songs are you listening to the most at the moment......

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  • OT: What 5 songs are you listening to the most at the moment......

    Totally Off Topic..... just seemed like the kind of topic that used to get 20 pages back in the good ole' days of HC, and maybe inspire us to check out some new music.............

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    I'm into a lot of Bob Forrest at the moment. Theloneous Monster, The Bicycle Thief etc... Wilco and WHY? too. I really want a Tweedy SG. Soo....

    Aspirations - The Bicycle Thief
    Body and Soul? - Thelonious Monster
    The whole Mumps, ETC album - WHY?
    Kamera + Heavy Metal Drummer - Wilco
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      Amplifier- Motorhead

      Depeche Mode- Heaven

      Queens of the Stone Age- Mexicola

      Big Wreck- Wolves

      Soundgarden- Rowing

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    Good call on anything Porcupine Tree.

    I have been digging the new Flower Kings album The Banks of Eden, so I guess five songs from that.
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      I've just got one...


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    I used to be "with it", then they changed what "it" was.
    Now, what I'm with isn't "it", and what's "it" seems weird and scary to me.
    (Abe Simpson)


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      Been on an Of Monsters and Men kick as of late:

      And the new Soundgarden album:

      5? Dunno. How about Jon Gomm? Tuner pitch bends of tapped harmonics while tapping a beat on an acoustic has to be the ultimate in wanky but cool shredding.

      **************** detuning, I'm gonna start using a capo when I play my speed metal. WHEEDLY WHEEDLY WHEEEE!!!