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Hot or Not? February 16th

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  • Hot or Not? February 16th


    Epiphone 1962 Wilshire USA Reissue

    The Epiphone Wilshire was released in 1960 at a time when the newly relocated Epiphone company was starting to get back on its feet. In 1957, on the suggestion of Les Paul, Gibson
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    Not.   I much prefer the looks of the standard import epi wilshire.


    • prsguitarman101
      prsguitarman101 commented
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      NOT HOT!!

    • PurpleTrails
      PurpleTrails commented
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      kit_strong wrote:

      Not.   I much prefer the looks of the standard import epi wilshire.

      This.  I actually like the import wilshire, though I worry about the lack of heft where the neck meets the body.

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    I think it's super hot. Kinda sad they are only running white ones nowadays. Price is ridiculous too. Wish they were closer to the 1K mark.
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      When these things were first announced I was determined to grab the first one I saw...until i saw the assinine price tag...


      HOT!...and not...


      • allthumz
        allthumz commented
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        jelloman nailed it. Ridiculous price. It should be pretty close to the price of the Worn Wilshire.

        Now that I look at the specs maybe $750-800.

      • Jkater
        Jkater commented
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        Not too appealing. I might love it if I tried it. What's the price?

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      Not. It's looks never appealed to me.


      • LeftyTom
        LeftyTom commented
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        How dare you post such a hideous guitar on my wife's birthday!

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      Not hot, not into the whole vibe of it.  Dont like the P-90s,  Maybe some SD 59s.

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      • BydoEmpire
        BydoEmpire commented
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        Not hot.

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      • Roy Brooks
        Roy Brooks commented
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        Very "hot" for a new guitar.