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One of the many reasons I love my wife.


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  • One of the many reasons I love my wife.

    So we walk into the local music store to get strings. I always need strings, and my wife understands this aspect of my guitaredness, and there she sat..... This blonde voluptuous beauty, decked out in gold and mother of pearl, and winking at me in such a seductive way. I pick her up, my hand melted into the neck, and a few minutes passed, or an hour or two, not really sure, and I just drool. The owner of the store looks over and starts to talk.

    "She's a nice one, true?"

    Drool.... "yeah"

    "She's a 1200 dollar guitar."

    Drool... "yeah"

    "Has a hard shell case too."

    Drool... "yeah."

    "Asking 400 for her."

    Drool... "yeah... Uh wha?"

    "yep, 400. She's New Old stock from 2004"

    I go, put her back in the stand, grab the strings I originally came in for, all the while the gerbil in my head  is spinning madly on it's wheel, trying to figure what I can sell to buy it. Then my wife chimes in....

    "He wants it."

    "I can see that."

    "No, he's taking it home today."

    Now, I look over at my wife, and she just smiles.

    "You have the money, don't argue, and just get it."

    Let me introduce to Marilyn, a 2004 NOS Samick Lasalle JZ3





    Now, I love most things about this guitar. The tone is near perfect,  a solid spruce top, the construction is top notch, the action is to die for, and she's just beautiful, BUT....

    Would someone explain to me, why a 1000+ guitar has a PLASTIC nut??? (List on these things are in the 1200 range.)

    The pickups... Duncan Designed, (I call them the "Blameless" "Hey, we designed them, we didn't build them.") not bad, but certainly not great. I will be throwing in a set of Stew-Mac Parsons real soon.

    The Tone controls are lame. I actually use the tone controls, and at 2, they start to function. Somewhat. Kinda. In a way. They will  be replaced as soon as I can. ( I just hate doing electrical work on a hollow.)

    And cheap plastic knobs. You know, the wanna-be fake gold tone Gibson top hats. They were replaced the second the guitar came home.

    Now you can see why I love my wife!

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    Gorgeous top. Nice find


    • Marko
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      Beautiful guitar, and a sweet price, as well.

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    Couple of things strike me. Great price, but I think you may find the list on those were more like $950 and usually sold around 750.


    The bridge doesn't look standard, I thought they almost always came with TOMS.......not sure about that


    EDIT: It maybe that the rosewood bridge came as an option in the case with the TOM fitted as standard, but you might wish a certain John Moriarty who makes deliciosu bridge for archtops in Ireland to do something for you





    Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything. - Plato


    • badpenguin
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      Yes gilmore, the nut ias that cheap hollow plastic type. Will be replacing it with bone ASAP!
      And Ratae, The bridge was the golden TOM, but it came with the rosewood one in the case. I love the tone of the rosewood, so it went on the second I changed strings. And the street price is around the 950 mark. Killer deal either way.