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RIP Alvin Lee dead at 68

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  • RIP Alvin Lee dead at 68

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    I saw him play with Ten Years After at the old Boston Garden.  Sad

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    Wow. Just yesterday I got the burning desire to listen to some TYA, so I found a YouTube audio clip of "Bad Scene" and "Two Time Mama" , the amazing opening two (?) tracks of Ssssh ...


    • BydoEmpire
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      RIP.  I only have one TYA (live) album, but it's great.

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    Alvin and Ten Years After were very popular with the counter culture music fans ( hippies!) back in the late 60s. I saw them several times at The Fillmore East. Always crowd pleasers, Alvin and band never left anything on the stage. RIP Alvin.


    • Flatspotter
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      RIP, Alvin.

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    Major bummer. He was an early fave of mine. Great player. R.I.P., Alvin.
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      Very sad to hear. Hard to believe that JW has outlasted him and many others from the Woodstock gen.