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Pick 1 guitar and 1 amp to have on a desserted island


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  • Pick 1 guitar and 1 amp to have on a desserted island

    Let's say you're stuck on a desserted island and you can only have 1 guitar and amp. What would it be?


    For me, it would be a 50's strat and a blues junior.



    What's your pick?

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    A Fender Roadworn Players Series Tele and a Bugera V22.

    Squier Standard Telealvarez PD80-SC


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      Chocolate Tweed amp

      Cream LP


      • Marko
        Marko commented
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        Assuming electricity, my 335-style guitar and my Fender

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      An R9 and a SWART Space Tone Reverb

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      • Morganbich
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        That is easy A Marshall Mode Four and a Fernandes Sustainer guitar so I could just leave it full blast till someone hears it and gets me of the Island!


        I will wait on the other side with leaves in my ears.

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      A hollowed-out wall of Marshalls filled with fresh bottled water, and a Tele to paddle the raft I'll make to escape the island!
      Guitars: 3 Fender Strats, Fender Jazzmaster, Squier Bullet, 2 Gibson Les Pauls, Gibson ES-339, Gibson Les Paul Jr. Special, Epiphone Les Paul, Epiphone Dot, Epiphone SG, PRS SE Custom 24, Ibanez AS73, Hamer Duotone, Larrivee D-03R, Takamine EG5013S, 1951 Epiphone Devon, Ibanez SR305 (bass)Pedal Chain: BBE Green Screamer -> MXR Distortion III -> Boss CE-5 -> EH Stereo Pulsar -> Boss DD-20 -> BBE Boosta GrandeAmps: Vox AC4, AC15, AC30, Pathfinder 10, DA5SoundCloud


      • BydoEmpire
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        Suhr standard carve archtop

        Suhr Carve Archtop

        Mesa Boogie Mark V

         Mesa Mark V Special

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      Rick 360-6
      Egnater Renegade 112 combo
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        A PRS Limited Signature in Fade Abalone and a Mesa Boogie Mark V combo with wood finish and basket weave grill (ala Santana).PRS Signature Limited Faded Abalone


        Mesa Boogie Mark V

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        Hughs and Kettner Grandmeister 36
        Mesa Boogie Road King II
        Egnater Rebel 30 Combo
        Fender FSR Standard Black
        Schecter Hellraiser Black Cherry
        Ibanez RG570 Blue
        Ibanez AR200 Red Wine
        Gretsch G5120 Orange


        • xrleroyx
          xrleroyx commented
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          Coil tappable ES-335 and a few Super Lead 100 stacks, because.

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        One of these two:

        A Les Paul Junior and a Vox AC30

        A 1952 telecaster and a Fender Bassman.


        • Edward
          Edward commented
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          CIJ Fender 52RI Tele & something small and tweedy.