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  1. You know how you accidentally buy something on eBay when you didn't really think about it, but then you're really pleased when it arrives....? Yeah. That. Score a great deal on this. It was a custom job built by Brandoni of West London (www.brandoniguitars.com) - best known for their EKO guitars (they bought out a factory in Italy some years back, full of huge surplus stocks of original sixties bodies, necks, et cetera). They don't really make much noise about their Fender types, but they can be truly outstanding. Primarily a guitar player, I've had a coupel of basses lying around for some years, always enjoyed playing bass (never gigged it). I'm not much cop - I do a passable Dee Dee Ramone / early Paul Simonon (Mick Jones if you believe the legend!) / Michael Bradley.... - but hey, it's fun, so. Refined my tastes some time ago in terms of instrument - the P Bass is the beast for me. I put in a low bid on this one, and was thinking of replacing the neck with a maple boarded example (surprisingly hard to find for a lefty here in the UK). When it arrived, though, oh my... it's just too nice to do that. (Plus the burst / rosewood is a nice match for my old American Standard Strat, 1994 model). I'll be keeping this as is. Spec is: Brandoni-branded MIJ Alder body and Rosewood-board Maple neck. Original owner added the following upgrades: Genuine Fender Hi-Mass bridge Genuine Fender '62 re-issue pickups CTS 250 pots WD Music 'vintage' Parchment scratchplate and thumb rest My first experience of flatwounds too - I'm liking them very much, so far. Plays lovely. I've yet to have it plugged in as I don't have an amp here in the office, but this far all indications are good. To play, I'd put it at an equivalent quality to the CIJ and MIM bits I've handled. I was looking a couple of years ago at a US model, the new American Std but (ironically) turned it down as the rosewood-only spec was a dealbreaker for me. I think in future I'll definitely still chase a maple-necked P Bass of some sort - was eyeing the CIJ, but if I got a deal on a Brandoni I'd be tempted to go that way now. Maple neck, LPB body appeals... I'd also jump on a Squier CV 50s P if ever I had the option. It's a shame Fender don't do the MIM P Bass model as a lefty (onl the Jazz is an option there, for some reason), but hey ho. Of my two existing basses, the Westone will definitely go. Lovely instrument (a rare lefty MkI version of the Thunder IA, built by Matsumoko circa 1983), but not my style and never gets played. My first bass, a Squier P Bass Special, is still around. Two minds on that one. Tempted to raid it for the bits to add to a P body and neck to build a regular P Bass type. Selling the body and neck alone are likely to raise as much as the complete instrument anyhow on the used market... Hmn.
  2. I thought it was Adam Shankman? Honestly, I'm just checking IMDb since I recall seeing "From the director of Hairspray" on an ad plastered on a bus I got stuck behind on the motorway. EDIT: Just looked up John Waters. He wrote the screenplay for Hairspray, but didn't direct. I think Justin Theroux and some other guys wrote Rock of Ages. John Waters wrote and directed the original 1988 film, Hairspray. After the broadway success of The Producers taking an old film and turning it into a musical (and subsequent musical film of the stage show), Hairspray was taken on the same way. John Waters gave it his blessing, but he wasn't to my knowledge much involved in the project (he does have a tiny little cameo part in the 2007 film. During the opening number "Good morning Baltimore", he appears as "the flasher who lives downstairs"). John Waters is a {censored}ing genius.... I'm still holding out for the stage version of Crybaby. It's like a cool Grease.
  3. You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass. Why would they want to? They make far too much money out of the US to rock the boat on that. Outside of Tibet (obviously), the Chinese aren't much interested in empire building anyhow.
  4. It seems quite a few poster missed that single coils can be staggered.... This was standard on Strats until some time in, if memory serves, late 74 - September, I think. The staggering was by design to ensure that all strings of differing thicknesses were picked up equally. I've seen it claimed that the fact Jimi's Strats had the strings the other way up over the staggered polepieces contributed to his "unique tone" (in the same way that his strings were a different length between the nut and the post, the high E being the shortest, low E the longest, and his bridge pup was angled the other way). Personally I'm not convinced it makes any audible difference, but enough folks are for GFS to have produced a Hendrix-themed set of staggered Strat pups which, installed in a right handed Strat, give that upside-down staggering. I like staggered poles myself purely for the visual impact.
  5. Sonic blue for me, but I'm not a fan of HBs in general, much less on Fenders. Make it a "real" Mustang, in baby blue w/maple FB, for me. Without racing stripes. Racing stripes give me hives. I'd much rather have two singles too - though all other things being fine I'd buy one with an HB in the bridge and switch it out for a HB sized p90 or something else I liked. Did the Mustang ever actually come with a maple board? That would be my preference too, but I thought only the 50s Duosonic, which predated the Mustang, came with maple, the Mustang always rosewood?
  6. He'd be using modeling amps, modeling guitars, digital effects, MIDI, Floyd Roses, self-tuning robot guitars, and every other bit of innovative musical technology that cranky Hendrix traditionalists have been complaining about for the last 40 years. And he'd be on Twitter. I like to think so. My "what if..." on Jimi has him sleeping on his front that fateful night, so he doesn't choke on his own spew. He runs away from the world and hides, hating the rock and roll cliche in which he has been trapped, only to emerge afresh in 1977, re-energised and enthused by the sheer passion of punk rock. He gives many interviews in which he extols the virtues of this "new" movement taking rock back to its roots, draws a link between the spirit of punk and the blues. The old farts hate him for it, but he gathers a whole new generation of fans. He drops from the mainstream throughout the 80s, hating the stupid, macho cliche bull{censored}. Reappears as an Elder Statesman figure in the grunge era. In March 1994, he persuades Kurt Cobain into rehab. They later record an album of co-written material. On the first night of their tour, a handful of old farts from the Sixties show up to shout "Judas!" at Jimi. Jimi snorts derisively at them and says "Please, brother..... I'm a musician, not a history exhibit". End. Ha...... Jimi was experimenting with studio trickery to the full, one of the first to use f/x boxes, the works. You better believe he'd have used everything available to him by now. Of course, we could also be making a grave error in even assuming Jimi would still be playing guitar - whose to say he wouldn't have moved on to compose entirely with computer sampling and such like? I like to believe, at least, he'd be one hell of a lot more open-minded than most guitar players are today.
  7. ... and is this true? What does one pickup need to do to compete with another? Simply this: it needs to work consistently and reliably, and last as log as another one. I have bought a few GFS pups in my time, and have no reason to doubt them in those respects when stacked up against much more expensive stuff. Beyond that they may well sound different, but that's when it becomes purely subjective. To say "These pickups are objectively better because they sound better to me" is a nonsense. Sure, subjective is what it's all about when you buy stuff, and on that scale for many GFS won't measure up to the much more expensive stuff. That doesn't mean they can't compete, however, all other things being equal - all it means is that the buyer prefers one over the other. Of course, when it comes to pups, to some great degree we're all flying blind: you'll never know exactly what it sounds like until it's wired into your guitar and played through your amp, so can any of us ever really say with complete certainty one is better than the other, even per our own subjective tastes? Most of my guitars I've kept stock. Some of the best sounding ones to my ear have had the cheapest, nastiest pups. FWIW, I do consider it easier to find a good sounding sc at a lower price than a hb, but then I'm not really a fan of hbs much these days anyhow.
  8. Couple of crepe bandages, clothes of whatever sort (long sleeves and higher collar a plus - trench coat a good option if you don't have a suit jacket or similar), gloves, sunglasses. The Invisible Man. Easy Peasy. For extra credibility points, claim to be Claude Rains.
  9. Never used an avatar on this site..... tried a whole bunch, but nothing was low resolution enough for it, so I gave up and haven't been bothered since. Not sure if there's been a software update since.... never had a problem with this on any other pro-boards site, so I suspect it's a settings thing. I can understand if they want to limit the size of files on here given the level of traffic, though.
  10. Don't bother with Camden: Camden Council killed it by trying to turn it into a money spinner for the tourist dollar. The fact that it now contains nightclubs and restaurants where people who appear on the cover of Heat want to be seen says it all. all stalls of tourist tat, overpriced and tatty second hand eighties clothes, smelly candles and art for people who don't like art. Still the odd good second hand record shop, but the market is a poor parody of what it was only a few years ago - at best. If you want to see covent Garden, do the real thing, not some two-bit, wannabe copy. For cheap(er) but nice pubs, track down a Samuel Smiths or two - one of my favourites is the Champion just of Oxford Street. Other really nice pubs are The Princess Louise in Holborn, and The Windsor Castle in Notting Hill (my favourite in the city). Portobello Road market is a good craic at the weekend. Notting Hill can be a bit 'trustafarian' for my tastes, but the market has kept truer to itself than ever Camden did. My favourite free museum is the V&A. Really underrated place, kind of like if Queen Victoria opened a junk shop of all the stuff that people from all over the world had given to her. So you'll go into one room - and there'll be a full size cast of Michelangelo's David, then you'll turn a corner and it will be three hundred year old samauri swords or musical instruments. It's got everything. It's never that busy too. That's good, the History & Science museums too. Near St Paul's there's the Museum of London, which I like. I used to live near whitechapel: -Don't bother going to the Blind Beggar (famous gangster pub thats been redone to kill all of its charm, and is quite the rip off). It's not the cheapest around, but it's far from the worst. The Grave Maurice was really overpriced.... and is now a bookies. I like the food in the Beggar. The nice thing about it having been done up (apart from the fact it was well skanky before) is that it has a] toilets that no longer rival the one in Trainspotting, plus toning down the Kray association means it has more the feel of a regular pub again, not somewhere bloody tourists come in to gawp. The White Hart just across from it is a slightly better place, though they do have entertainments in more often. An occasional gig is one thing, but the main reason I rarely go to the pub any more is since so many of them started putting on ents - music, karaoke, etc - so often and it's hard to actually have a conversation. -Brick Lane could be nice, just make sure you know in advance the oldest place there (the longer they've been around, the better). Ignore all the guys offering you deals, they'll try and rope you in with a free beer - but be wary of crap food. Aye, it's a good sign when they don't feel the need of a pushy tout. If you have the patience you can play them off against each other for a better deal, but I really can't be arsed. The one that proclaims itself the oldest one on the Lane has decent enough food - good for a quick lunch stop if you're doing the markets on a Sunday. The best one I've found, though, is the Shampan. I specially recommend the rogan josh or the jalfrezis in there. If you get peckish late, the brick lane baigel bakery is a place that's been around for decades and is open til stupid o'clock. I think it's twenty-four hours now. If you want to look at guitars, a lot of my favourite places are gone.... Denmark Street is worth a wander occasionally, but don't expect to see many outstanding deals. Does happen occasionally, though. In recent years, most of the shops are overloaded with lower-end, beginner stuff, and you won't see much that's really all that unusual. It certainly isn't the instrument Mecca it claims itself to be. If you want to drop into a cinema and you're in the East End, you can do a lot worse than the Genesis on Mile End Road. Nice little bar in it, too. Diana's Fish Bar on the Whitechapel Road (turn right out of the tube, about a minute's walk from there) is the best chippy I've found in London.
  11. Nice! I've long been planning something very similar, save with Mean 90s.
  12. Any of the Marshall pedals are nice - surprisingly good, too, if they're still as cheap as they were. The Boss Bluesdriver I always liked too, though it's not worth twice the price of the Marshall pedals IMO.
  13. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/man-charged-robbing-student-070631784.html It seems they've got that **** who mugged that student. Reece Donovan Good!
  14. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jean_Charles_De_Menezes Well, precisely my point. That was scary for all kinds of reasons - not only the operational {censored}up (it's nothing short of obscene that Cressida Dick wasn't tarred and feathered for that, let alone {censored}ing promoted); I was also deeply disturbed by the blatancy with which they carried out a summary execution on the guy.
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