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Rush Retiring?


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  • Rush Retiring?

    not anytime soon.  here's the article from classicrockmagazine.com:


    Rush frontman Geddy Lee says the band aren

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    That's good news. My nephew has been boycotting the RNR Hall of Fame until Rush was inducted, and he never misses a concert within 200 miles of home. 



    • T ned
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      Good news.  Clockwork Angels proves that they can still come up with quality material.

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    That Geddy chick still has a great voice, but she really needs a face lift.


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      They may be as great a live band now as they've ever been. Age is not creeping into their playing one bit.

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      • Mad Tele
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        i didnt realize they were that old. They had a good run!  


        RIP RUSH

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      Took my 11-year-old to see one of the first Clockwork Angels down in DC.  Really great show, and they're right, the string section worked just fine- they could have used them more than they did, but it seems like they've been expanding their stage time which is great.

      It always boggles my mind when I read stories of prima-donna bands showing up late, playing crappy, leaving early and generally doing a poor show.  These guys are ~60 years old, have been touring for decades, are still writing outstanding material and they still put on a hell of an act.  True professionals.

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