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Finishing a maple neck. What about the frets?


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  • Finishing a maple neck. What about the frets?

    Okay, my new maple Strat neck is arriving today. I'm spraying it with rattle-can nitro. The back will be easy. But what about the side with the frets? I've read a few things here and there about ways to do it - soaping the frets, scraping them, sanding them. Someone even said to tape them!

    I've sprayed bodies, but this is my first neck. Now that I'm about to get started, what's your advice? Don't hold back on details!

    Thanks -


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    PS -

    And what about the Tru-Oil option? Have any experience, thoughts, or advice?


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    Stew mac sells abrasive erasers that are perfect for this. They also sell stainless steel fingerboard protectors that have a slot for the fret to poke through and will last a lifetime.


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      If you look at a Fender neck, the lacquer overlaps the edge of the fret and seals the fret groove. Just spray the neck frets and all. After it dries, you can scape the lacquer off the frets. Fender used to use a 10 penny common nail that they ground a "fret notch" in the head to scrape the lacquer off after it dries. As someone said, the nitrocellulose laquer doesn't adhere to the metal fret very hard. If you use acrylic lacquer, it stocks hard to the frets.  I just use a paper towel wrapped around the tip of my index finger, dip it lightly in lacquer thinner and just rub it across the fret. Wait until the paper towel is just damp and not dripping.