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  • Nashville Tuning

    I recently found out about Nashville or High Strung Tuning.

    Apparently it is E A D G B E but the four lower strings are replaced with lighter ones and tuned an octave higher.

    Has anyone tried this and what is the advantage?

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    Johnny Marr was known to sometimes tune that way in The Smiths, it supposedly gets you that jangly 12-string type of vibe. 


    • gardo
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      Thanks,  I listened to some of his playing,it has a good sound but I probably won't experiment with that tuning

      It would be easier to get out my 12 string

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    The advantage to nashville over a 12-string is that you can use a slightly (or very) different strumming pattern, or put guitar on the left and nashville on the right, or just use it to fill-in little spots here and there around the regular guitar part.

    Nashville doesn't lend itself to leads, or even arpeggios very well, because of the drastic jump from the g-string to the b-string, but you can do a few things with it.


    When I use nashville, it's typically to put a little 'thickness' in the choruses, or something.

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    • ugameus
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      That Gambale tuning is cool as hell.  I am definitely going to try that.

      Basically he tuned up to A standard then made the two high strings an octave lower.  Is that right?

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    I keep my '56 Dano in Nashville tuning, although sometimes I leave the G in the regular octave to keep things from getting too ice-picky. I recently swapped out the original bridge with one I got off a forumite so I could dial in the intonation a bit better. On its own it kinda sounds like a mix between a guitar, sitar and banjo. Mixed in with other instruments gives arrangements a 3-D quality, especially when I throw some chorus on it. Here is a rough song arrangement I wrote on it after the bridge swap (was still working out the riff so it is a bit ham-fisted).


    Dano with new bridge photo Danonewbridge.jpg

    **************** detuning, I'm gonna start using a capo when I play my speed metal. WHEEDLY WHEEDLY WHEEEE!!!