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How good are the American Vintage Strats?


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  • How good are the American Vintage Strats?

    Nitro finish - that is cool.
    They are a lot more money...But are they really any better than the American Standard Strats?

    I'm going to end up buying one or the other and would appreciate advice/thoughts from those of you who have owned these models.

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    If you jive with the vintage specs (I'd try to play one first, before you buy), then I think you'd be pretty happy with one. I feel there's a little more attention to detail paid with the AVRI and Signature series Fenders over the American Standards. I think they tend to hold their value a bit better as well. I have a 57 reissue from '86 that's just exceptional. As with all Fenders, I think it mostly comes down to taste and desired specs though.


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      I have some vintage Fender guitars. The AVRI series are probably the only guitars Fender makes that I would buy. I don't know how the new ones are because I haven't played any but the last ones I did play (prob 03/04) were still very nice.


      Like Special J said, you have to like the vintage specs (small frets, radius, etc...). I like that better then the flat larger fret American Standard stuff but YMMV.

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    Well IMO, the American Deluxe series are much nicer than the Standards, so I would expect the same from the AVRIs. Fender seems to ramp up the quality with their price points, at least to some degree.
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      all the avris are good. ive had the 57ri strat, 52ri tele, and 62ri jag.


      all have poly basecoat though. Fender lies about the finish they use just FYI.


      the pickups are great 

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    Better than the standard, maybe way better depending if you like the features.  I like the tele versions more, especially relative to the american standard tele, but the strat version is pretty nice.