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  1. I really like some of his new solo stuff (always liked The Smiths stuff).
  2. I'm considering The Retrosonics Phaser....What others should I be looking at? Budget = $250
  3. It's a great delay FOR THE MONEY. Plenty of better ones out there, though. Such as?
  4. Considering buying one of these - I need a good ,warm delay. If you have some experience with these I would like to know your thoughts.
  5. Guys, I need a Chorus that has a nice rich, lush sound to it instead of the "Ice Pick" sound most chorus pedals have. Any Suggestions ( from experience only please).
  6. Joe plays great solo's all over the first 6 Aerosmith albums. ( the good albums).
  7. The Who did a fine job under the circumstances. All you people who think a band can do a signature performance at a football halftime show are idiots.
  8. I've got great number guessing abilities. Three Hundred and Eighty Six. See, I just pulled that out of my ass.
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