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Tribute to our dads on Father's Day...

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  • Tribute to our dads on Father's Day...

    My dad passed away four years ago, but not a day passes that I don't think of him.  He wasn't particularly musical himself, but music was very important to him.... He and Mom made sure all of us kids had piano lessons, band instruments, and later I took up guitar.  He bought this old guitar back in about 1929 from the Sears catalog for $3.  Used to take it with him herding cows (they didn't have fences in North Dakota back then).  I remember growing up, taking it out of the closet and pretending to play it.  By the time I got it several years ago it had nearly caved in on itself, and was literally in pieces.  I rebuilt it, and still remember the look on Dad's face when I showed it to him.

    So here's to you Dad! 




    OK... Let's have your tributes to your dads.




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    Dad wasn't musical, that was mom. She taught me to play the ukulele, which led to guitar. Sorry, no pics. Dad was a truly decent man though. Happy Father's Day, guys.

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      My dad had a cheap Harmony acoustic that he would bring out occasionally and strum. I remember being a little kid and pointing at the dots on the fretboard and saying, "What are the moons for?" I got an appreciation for classic rock from my dad, since he would play his old records in the living room and I would dance and air guitar to The Who, The Beach Boys, Chuck Berry, The Doors, The Rolling Stones, and many more. I learned my first few chords on his guitar, and he bought me my first electric (which he thought would be easier for me to learn on). So I suppose I owe a good bit of my guitar playing history to my dad.
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        My dad turned me on to Zeppelin and Van Halen so 'nuff said. Couldn't be any more awesomer....

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      My dad was an argumentative chain-smoking alcoholic with a temper, with not a musical bone in his body.  I loved him when I was a little kid before the drinking got worse.  I still have memories of wrestling around on the carpet with him, and lying on his chest, which are pretty good memories I guess.  He inspired me to be a better dad to my kids.  He died 25 years ago.  I miss him at odd moments.