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Have you seen the Min-ETune from Gibson? Robot in a box.


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  • Have you seen the Min-ETune from Gibson? Robot in a box.

    While it doesn't interest me still, it's nice that it could be installed or uninstallled.  I can see it being used on other guitars in the future.



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    All this robot tech by Gibson, I can understand developing it for innovation, but honestly, not sure there is a market for this.  Sometimes I think Gibson is looking for something to do...

    Anyway, I read here you need to be careful about string gauge...



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      Looks like you have to replace the tuners as well and I'm guessing there's not a version for inline tuners. I don't have a guitar expensive enough to justify the investment and if I did I'm not sure I'd install one and mess up a truly nice guitar. All in all, I think it needs further development.