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G&L Tribute - Made in Indonesia?


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  • G&L Tribute - Made in Indonesia?

    I was casually browsing around on ebay for a Tribute Legacy, and I noticed one that was listed as brand new, but it had a circular serial# and logo on the back of the headstock indicating that it was made in Indonesia. I wonder what this will mean for the build quality and QC on what has traditionally been a great bang for the buck line of MIK instruments (not to mention the initial limited run of MIJ's).

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    Was that the left handed one you saw on E-bay? It looks nice but I had the same questions as you after seeing headstock.


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      I assume G&L would be making sure they're the same quality, the Tribute series has sold sold very well so far. FWIW I have played some very nice Indonesian instruments recently


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        I didn't know they switched to Indonesia for manufacturing their imports. Where were they made before, Korea? I played one in a local place and it was a nice guitar. The Fender (or is it Squier) Indonesia imports are very hit or miss from what I've noticed.....from the small sampling I did it was higher on the miss side of things (out of the box and on the music store's wall anyway.)
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          I don't know how much switching has gone on exactly, these two guitars are the first I've seen

          I do believe though that any migration of the tribute line to indo from korea will no doubt lead to a drop in overall quality in the short term, maybe longer

          I've really got to hand it to korea over the years, they have come a long way on the craftsmanship side with instruments


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            first tribute series was MIJ...I have one and have all the catalogs...though I have not seen a 2007 yet. there are still some 2006 MIJ models on the Japanese web.
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              If it was the same guitar I saw on eBay, it is from one of my local shops. I was in there Thursday and played the exact guitar they had in the auction. It was a very good quality guitar, setup was excellent and sound was good, a bit better than a MIM Strat. This shop has an excellent rep for setup, so they may well have tweaked it.

              The only thing I didn't like about it was the neck finish, it seemed almost like it WASN'T (finished). Very au natural.
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                I would prefer a Korean guitar over an Indonesian one, price being the same.
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                  Dude,I just brought one home friom my friends shop -where I work also- and after playing it for about 20 minutes I was convinced ......its not HALF as good as my MIM strat!!

                  I am a strat fanatic and have played and owned numerous strats -not to mention the second -hand shop where I work allows me to play SO many guitars,its just crazy!- Anyway the G&L indonesian has much noisier pickups,the neck finish is almost nonexistant,the tone leaves much to be desired and it just feels real "cheap" or flakey to me.I put it down after trying everything from hendrix,SRV,some STP,and basically a little bit of everything and I then picked up my MIM strat....NO COMPARISON fellas.I've been playing and working on guitars for 32 years also so its safe to say I know some about playing AND craftsmanship.

                  Has anyone ever had that "static electrical noise" where it snaps and crackles when your picking hand/fingers brush over the scratch-plate?....well THAT alone is so pronounced on this G&L that I found it unbarable to play and i ALSO noticed that my MIM strat DOES NOT do that!!!

                  Final analogy:....leave these "made in Indonesia" pieces of wood alone.