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Paul Gilbert on Practicing Scales

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  • Paul Gilbert on Practicing Scales

    This is awesome - I love the look on his face around 0:38.  Priceless.

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    Paul Gilbert is like Ingvay except more pleasant. People seem to like him more even though the playing is just as non musical. IMO you could learn better by studying the classical through early romantic periods and learning to play Swiss drum corps rhythms.

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      Love the chika-scale idea!

      Plus I really like his explanation of rock vibrato.  I've been doing classical for a while, and I feel lke I've lost that bendy vibrato.  I've gotta get my wrist moving like that!

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        Any of you guys go through that whole course? How was it? Been thinking about signing up, but already so much on my plate. The trial lessons are all pretty fun, so i might just sign up anyway and do a lesson a week or something

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        • samal50
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          interesting video. I liked some Mr. Big. I used to play guitar heavily but lost interest in some years. I haven't touched the guitar in months. I need to get back to playing. 80's music had some real guitar work but since I grew up in the 90's the guitar work sounds easy so I took practicing for granted (I thought I knew it all). I think I learned a lot just from this 5 minute video. All those years when playing a vibrato note I would use my fingers to create the vibrato on a string and had no clue about using the wrist instead. I need to watch more of these.

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        awesome!  these ideas are really cool. Paul Gilbert rules.

        Thanks for posting this.

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        • Kazinator
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          Hey, does anyone agree with me that Gibert should get a decent vocalist to re-do the tracks in Street Lethal, and re-release it?