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  1. Could I actually record with 2 amps simultaneously using an AB/Y pedal rather than doing it one at a time? Also, this one from Morley is an AB/Y pedal and a summing mixer: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/ABYMix--morley-aby-mix-2-button-signal-combiner-pedal
  2. I see. I bought the FS8 because of its "full spectrum" or full range specs for my guitar synth (BOSS SY300). It was an impulsive buy lol. Must I mic this amp to record then? Could the mic no mo work using a powered pa speaker (Electro-Voice ZLX12P) or not?
  3. I see. So an AB/Y pedal is not processing any effect signal? I'm not sure which product it was that I read about that mentioned that it can turn on an effect or amp during chorus and can turn it off during verse. Sounded like it was an AB/Y pedal.
  4. My guitar amp is the ISP TECHNOLOGIES VECTOR FS8. It's a combo. My bass amp though is not a combo. I have the Peavey minimax bass amp and the Gallien-Kruger Neo 212 cab. I'm trying to record silently that's why I think I may have a use for the mic no mo. I actually wish they made this type of gear for everything including vocals lol so I don't need to make noise in my apartment.
  5. How is this: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/MicNoMo--friedman-mic-no-mo-passive-cabinet-simulator Any different from any passive DI box like The Director by Whirlwind?
  6. I'm not sure if the summing amp I speak of are even active. This one from Radial Engineering sure isn't: https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/Mix21--radial-mix-21 From what I understand an AB/Y pedal allows 2 guitars to plug into a single amp, or 1 guitar into 2 amps (this might come across like it's similar to what a summing amp is then?).
  7. But are the distorted or overdriven tones from such amps considered "natural" and not from a built in effect in the amp? I'm assuming everything really is an effect, right? But for the sake of argument, let's just say without the assistance of external pedals. In my case, I have the Peavey Rage 258. Its got really good distortion even without the assistance of a distortion pedal, but this distortion I would think is nothing more than a built in effect that can be controlled by twisting the knobs, just not in pedal form. I'm also curious if using a solid state bass amp head (Peavey Minimax) to power up a cab "meant" for tube amps, say a Fender Bassbreaker, to use a guitar/synth with (BOSSY SY-300), could this setup work? Does a boost pedal like the Whirlwind "The Bomb" be of benefit, despite the setup isn't exactly 100% tube but more like a "hybrid" of sort lol.
  8. Which specific Quilter amp? All of them? including the one with 6" speakers or what?
  9. JHS Pedals Summing Amp https://www.musiciansfriend.com/amplifiers-effects/jhs-pedals-summing-amp/l51834000000000 Old Blood Noise Endeavors AB/Y Switcher Pedal https://www.musiciansfriend.com/amplifiers-effects/old-blood-noise-endeavors-ab-y-switcher-pedal/l53298000000000 An AB/Y switcher pedal could be a summing amp too like the JHS Pedal linked above, right?
  10. I see. So a boost pedal could be used in place of an overdrive or distortion pedal instead, when one has a tube amp? I've seen people on youtube demo combo amps/cabs without any distortion pedal but the amp has distortion when cranked up (they say that it's the natural distortion from the amp itself without the use of any overdrive pedal whatsoever). I'm not sure if it was tube amp that was demoed but probably a solid state.
  11. I see. I could use the Vector FS8 as you described. As far as digital amp modeling pedals, I'm not sure if you meant any multi effects pedal that has modeling amps. In my case, I have a BOSS SY-300 guitar synth pedal. I also have a pair of powered PA speakers (Electro-Voice ZLX-12P), which could function as FOH speakers and the Vector FS8 as the stage monitor. I think that was my intent in getting these gear to begin with. I guess a booster isn't really needed then so I was just curious for future reference. I looked into the Electro Harmonix Analogizer, which also functions as a 26dB booster. Can this pedal actually make a guitar synth sound less "digital"?
  12. So when are boost pedals ever needed, when using a tube amp? Which I don't have by the way, but in the near future, maybe a Bassbreaker 007 (7 watt tube combo amp) could benefit from a boost pedal?
  13. Does a boost pedal actually help with driving a tube amp beyond its peak? One such boost pedal that caught my eye was the whirlwind "the bomb", which is 26db, not sure what that means though. the amp I'm trying to "drive" is the isp technologies vector fs8, which is full spectrum, 175 watts. I've read that some people don't think it's loud enough so they got a pair. I only have 1, perhaps a boost pedal can drive it to another level?
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