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  • Send Jon Chappell a message

    Tell him to fix the forum so we can attach .pdfs and other files.

    Serious about playing but not much else.

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    I finally received a response from one of the Admins (Dendy Jarrett).  Now I have to compose an email to officially report the "problem".  Before I do I need to get all the facts together.

    I believe anyone can post images.  Can someone please let me know what format's are allowed and if there are any size restrictions, etc. I just tried to upload a pdf as an image and got an "incorrect file format" response.

    My take is that we need to be able to post pdf's at least as attachements (for written  / TAB'd musical responses to questions / discussions).  Ideallly we should be able to upload mp3's (for aural examples) as well.

    Is there anything else we must have to function as the Lesson Loft?

    Thanks in advance guys,



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      Editing a comment

      For photos I use Photobucket HTML code pasted onto the HTML tab. I prefer this to HC hosting because there is no manage/edit gallery functionality provided here. I have tried to post MF catalog photos directly to HC and evidently those are loaded with superfluous code that puts them beyond HC specs. The same photos sent through Photobucket post fine. I imagine PDFs converted to JPEGs and hosted online would be transformed as well.